Vanessa Worrall, Biography

Vanessa Valda Worrall

Born in 1969 to Latvian parents, Vanessa Valda Krumins grew up as one of four children on a farm in Norfolk. She spent large parts of her day roaming free in the countryside, and her lively childhood home was full of interesting and artistic influences. Her father was an art lecturer at amongst others “Rose Brufords” college in London, and her mother made jewellery and embroideries.

Painters, Weavers and Sculptor friends were regular visitors. Vanessa took brush to canvas from an early age, and her semi- abstract oil paintings have always been inspired by a close connection to the natural world.

Vanessa now lives in Ditchling in East Sussex with three young daughters, four cats and a patient husband. Her painting is a welcome calm and a marvellous energy release inside her busy world.

Inspired by the Sussex landscape and regular holidays by the Cornish coast, Vanessa will often pick the most minute detail from a scene and make it the main focus of a painting. The feel of bracken on her leg during a walk, perhaps, or the way the light hits the undergrowth inside a wood. The sound of dry twigs being crushed under foot, or the super-real colour of waves in the sun light on a pebble beach.

Once she has her subject, hours pass quickly as she enters her creative world, laying colour over colour, splashing paint onto the surface, scratching a pattern with end of her brush, allowing the right shapes and colours to emerge. The act of painting for Vanessa is a magical, almost spiritual experience,something she feels compelled to do.

Influenced by artists from Francis Bacon, Arshille Gorky and Kandinsky to the contemporary painter Kurt Jackson, Vanessa studied at the Norwich School of Art and has a degree in Fine Art Painting from Reading University.

She regularly exhibits her paintings at exhibitions and galleries in
Brighton and 

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